About Us


It all started when…

Kyle and Heather Yeager first thought of High School Pride Signs in the Summer of 2015 when they were walking their young daughter in their Harrisonburg neighborhood.  Kyle, who attended JMU but grew up in Richmond, was impressed with the Shenandoah Valley's pride for their respective towns and high schools.  Heather, a life-long Valley native who also attended JMU, explained the deep generational roots and pride attached to each area and school.  An idea to recognize that pride and provide support to the local schools was hatched.

 Heather is a teacher at a local high school and Kyle has worked for James Madison University since 2007.  Together, they share passion for education and love of the Valley which has been so supportive of them and their two young children.  That is why a large portion of proceeds of each sign sold will be donated directly back to the high schools that purchase them to support their educational programs.  A community pride program benefiting its children and community schools.